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Wei Wei

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FOR TRIAL LESSON - I do trial lessons on other language teaching platform, not on Verbling. Please find me and I am happy to do a trial lesson with you.
🐹Hello! Wei Wei here! I teach English and Mandarin. I am a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan, speak neutral/broadcast standard accent, have a firm command of the English language and speak accent-free American Engish. I have 15+ years of full-time academic teaching experience and held professorships in three U.S. federal accredited universities. I began to tutor Mandarin to the U.S. diplomats when I was 16 years old because my mother worked for the State Dept. (also) as a Mandarin instructor. I am great with beginners and kids as I am very patient and love to support you in reaching your full potential. If you speak zero or very little Mandarin or English, I can absolutely efficiently communicate with you without the language barriers.
🐹我曾在美国 三所联邦认可的大学中有15多年的教授职位。我從小説普通話和英文. 我説的中文是標準音. 我的英文極好, 是沒有囗音的美式英文. 我的课程对初学者非常有效率—如果你的英文或中文是零, 或是初學者, 我可以在没有语言障碍的情况下有效率的与您沟通, 決不浪費時間。
🐹Each lesson is customized based on each student’s unique ability and sensibility as well as what flows spontaneously in the classroom. It is individual, practical and fun!
我的课程是在纪律和游戏之间精心平衡的设计。充满活力,实用而有趣。 我的课程是根据每个学生的能力和敏感度, 以及在课堂上自然流动的方向來設計的。

🐹I teach the way how human beings naturally acquire a language. This methodology warrants CONVERSATIONAL COMPETENCY & ACCURATE PRONUNCIATION and aims for long-term success. It includes a series of linguistic & body-centered learning techniques that have been successfully applied to both adults & children. As extra support- I create a video recap of each lesson for you to review the lesson effortlessly.
📕Although I live abroad, I am closely engaged in my cultural roots. I traveled to all four corners of China to conduct cultural anthropological studies from 2006 to 2013. I studied the current & seemingly Western-stylized artifacts & practices, addressed the ideas of practice rooted in the traditional Chinese characteristics, beliefs & ancient art. MY GOAL IS TO HELP YOU SUCCESSFULLY TRANSITION BETWEEN WESTERN AND CHINESE WAY OF THE WORLD AND VICE VERSA.
我從六歲䦕始學毛筆字和山水畫, 後來在美國的大學裏敎了十五多年西方藝術, 人文和語言. 虽然我住在美国,但我仍然密切关注自己的文化根源。 2006年至2013年,我前往中国各个角落进行文化人类学研究。所以我对中西的語言和文化是精通的. 我的專業和熱情是幫助您提高普通话的流利程度,以及在中西生活方式上成功的转换.
📕Currently, I am living in Sapin until early April. I have traveled to 24 countries and am excited to meet people from all over the world. I hope you book a trial lesson with me soon!
我曾経去過24个国家,很高兴和耒自世界各地的同学相識。 希望你能上一堂課试试!!
📕In addition, I was an international recruiter for U.S. college admissions. from 2013 to 2014, recruiting students from Central and South America, and East Asia. 📕In addition to teaching all level Mandarin and English language lessons to all age groups, I also offer two special programs (please click on the course to see the course descriptions).
🐷* Coaching for U.S. University Admissions Success. This program is for foreign students who are in the process of applying for admission in higher education institutions in the U.S. 我在美國和加拿大大学和研究所教学和招生部有近20年成功的的工作经验。尤其我曾经是国际猎头人,曾经在亚洲和中南美洲为美国大學招生部工作. 我对美加大学很招生的事项非常专业.
📕¡Hola! Mi nombre es Wei. Nací y crecí en Taiwán. Yo hablo Mandarín con un acento neutral. He sido una profesora de Mandarín en las universidades y tutora de Mandarín privado por muchos años en Taiwán y Estados Unidos. Estoy experimentada en muchas sensibilidades individuales y culturales de los estudiantes. Me gustaría hablar con usted sobre los materiales de aprendizaje antes de nuestra primera clase. Soy una profesora meticulosa, paciente y divertida. Me gusta el estilo interactivo de la enseñanza. Te enseñaré hablar mandrain práctico. Después de nuestras clases, Tú puedes hablar las cosas más importante como son su rutina, su opinión sobre cosas, las cosas interesantes en su vida y las cosas que le importan.
📕Yo fui entrenada como una clásico china pintora. He enseñado en la programa chino de intercambio en las universidades. Si desea saber más acerca de la historia y la cultura de China, me encantaría ayudarle también. Espero que reserve una lección de prueba conmigo. Hasta pronto! Ciao!


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2013 - 2014
International Recruiter
Pacific Northwest College of Art - Portland, Oregon
New business execution and territory development in Central America, South America and East Asia.
2006 - 2013
Associate Professor
Pacific Northwest College of Art - Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
2009 - 2010
Mandarin Instructor
Global Studio Program: China, Pacific Northwest College of Art - Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
2004 - 2006
Assistant Professor
Beloit College - Beloit, Beloit Wisconsin, U.S.A.
1999 - 2003
Assistant Professor
California State University, Chico - Chico, California, U.S.A.


2015 - 2016
Certified Integral Coach®
New Ventures West - San Francisco, California
I am a certified Integral Coach® in leadership and individual coaching and specialize in executive and personal level cross-cultural integration.