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Hi, Everybody, My name is Sophie, I'm a native Chinese speaker from mainland of China.
▲My Advantages ▲
1) Received systematic training as professional mandarin teacher from Confucius Institute (The only official institute for training in China)
2) Eight years of teaching experience in China

▲In My Class, What You Will Get▲
1) Before our class, I will listen to your needs and study goal carefully, then I will offer a tailored study plan just for you. Everything we cover will be closely related to your needs and interests.
2) I will record our class and send you the class video for you to review and practice after class. This is especially helpful for the Beginners Class. This unique feature of recording class video is upon request.
3) I constantly create materials. Beginners will lay solid foundation of tones and pronunciations, magically recognizing the characters with my method, more importantly, in the shortest time period.
4) I created tons of speaking materials for Intermediate students to speak, it always going to be a fun discussion with a clear focus, all the words and structures I offered before class will be relevant to the topic. Mistakes won’t slip away, they will be summarized and corrected at the end of our Speaking practice, and I’ll review those when at the beginning of the next class.
5) For intermediate students, I’ll teach you the most authentic expression. Sometimes when you study by yourself or learn according to the textbook, you don’t have a chance to know the authentic expression. The culture here is developing. Some of the expressions in the textbook are just not suitable. Sometimes Chinese don’t communicate with each other like the textbooks show. That’s why a lot of foreigners who’re good at Chinese can’t understand what Chinese are saying.
6) In the class, the main language will be Mandarin, which I will speak mostly Mandarin and the students will do the same. The beginner lesson will be arranged like this, too. This will help you start understanding a language without doing the translation process. It helps a lot for the intermediate students when they start learning some grammar or words that are unusually used in their language.
7) I’ll introduce some of Chinese culture (except politics) at the end of every class. You could know more about China.

▲ Textbook ▲
Below are the types of classes I currently offer:
1) Pinyin course
2) Chinese listening and speaking class for beginners
"New Practical Chinese Reader" Level1 is available both in English/French;
"New Practical Chinese Reader" Level2 (only English)
3) Comprehensive course for beginners, middle-level, advance
4) For hobby/travel
"Experiencing Chinese - Living in China" available both in English / French
"Experiencing Chinese - Travelling in China" available both in English / French
5) Chinese culture
For beginners I will help you learn PINYIN and some simple characters ,words and sentences.

▲ Please Note ▲
1) If you want to use your own books, please make sure to send me the PDF before class.
2) If you are beginner level or upper beginner level, I suggest you do the lesson with a book.
3) The dialogues based on the textbook can be developed to the one more close to the real life.
4) In my class, you need to take notes, please prepare a notebook and a pen, or print out the whole book if you'd like to. :)

Let me guide you though your mandarin learning journey!


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2007 - 2010
master degree
Nanchang University - Nanchang, jiangxi, China
I graduated with master degree as one of the most excellent students


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Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


2003 - 2010
English level
Nanchang University - Nanchang, jiangxi, China
I passed the exam of BEC VANTAGE 11 years ago, and passed CET test 12 years ago