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For most people the goal in learning a foreign language is to gain fluency.

There will be some challenges,

But the rewards and fulfillment from being able to communicate in a

foreign language will serve you for the rest of your life.

If you've already experienced it,

You know that it can open doors to so many new opportunities,

adventures, meaningful connections, more earning potentials in your

career as well as other good surprises.

The possibility of broadening our horizons and experiences through

language learning is why so many people strive towards fluency in a

foreign language.


Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

- Why did I decide to learn a foreign language?

- What have I tried so far? What has worked and what hasn't worked for well?

- Do I have a structure in my study routine?


- Do I just study whatever comes to mind on any given day?

- Am I keeping a good track of what I’ve learned?

- Why do I feel trapped without making much progress even after months or years of studying?

- Why is it so hard to reach any decent level of proficiency in language learning?


With the benefits from the internet and smartphone revolution,

We're living in an incredible era with more tools, books, courses and

teachers to help us reach our language goals.

Then learning a foreign language should be easier now than ever!


Not many people achieve even a modest level of fluency in language learning.

Why is that?

We all have learned how to communicate in our native language?

Why does attaining even a decent level of fluency

in a foreign language seem so difficult and sometimes feels impossible?

While there is no clear answer to why so many people fail to obtain a decent level of fluency.

These are what most people do by default when it comes to language learning:

1.Take a language course (at a private language academy, community college, university, etc.)

- Everyone in class does the same thing at the same pace.

- Teacher(s) have to follow curriculum and cannot deviate

much from the curriculum that must be followed.

- More emphasis on going through the course materials on time

(even if it means to sacrifice time reviewing, applying learning for practical purposes.)

- Primary goal is to pass test or exams.

- Students might be forced to repeat the same course if they fail to pass the course.

- Learning is for the sake of passing exams or obtaining a qualification.

2.Take online lessons

- Many beginners haven’t done much preparation


investigation into the language that they wish to learn before taking any lesson.

- Most students have no structure or routine in their learning.

They just study whatever they feel like whenever they feel like and go

with the flow that leads to nowhere in the long run.

- Many students jump from books to books teachers to teachers, courses to courses

in an endless search of the most effective methods or ways to learn,

always striving but never arriving.

- Many students are passive learners and expect learning to be done onto them.

3.Study Alone

- This can be the hardest, most time-consuming way to learn

unless you're proactive in your learning and already have an experience

learning a language successfully.

- You would have to spend a lot of time figuring it all out yourself

and this can take a lot more time and effort.

- You would have to actively seek native speakers to either do a language

exchange/ get help from them on a regular basis in order to check your

progress consistently.

4. Psychological Blocks/Hindrances

- Fear, Lack of Self-esteem or Both:

We learn a foreign language because we want to express ourselves

creatively through learning and communicating in a foreign language.


The thought of making mistakes in choosing the right things to say,

making pronunciation errors or conjugating verbs incorrectly in front of a

native speaker are not only terrifying but even demotivating.

If not addressed, it also creates a mental block toward the most vital part

of language learning:

Practicing communicating real-time with native speakers & other students.

- Procrastination or Perfectionism?:

This is closely tied to the previous topic of fear and lack of self-esteem

because these two mental hindrances often work together.

Many people learning a foreign language put off doing live practice

because they want to be "ready" for the right moment when they have

learned enough and have enough confidence in their

ability to really start communicating through real-time practice.

So, they wait, wait and wait...

But the moment often never comes.

No matter how much they study their grammar book, memorize verbs,

watch and learn from various movies and TV shows,

they never feel ready enough to jump in and start.

The irony is that this is what they need to start doing right away instead.

By trying to achieve perfect results, people end up procrastinating on

the most important element which is doing live practice.

Many people defend this idea because they do not want to be embarrassed or even exposed as soon as they start doing live practice.

But this is the ego getting in the way of learning.

Progress comes when we abandon our ego, be open-minded and even

vulnerable but confidently walk the path of consistent practice and self-


The time to start communicating in a foreign language is now.

What I can do for you:

1. Show you the right tools for practicing Korean

2. Help you design your study routine (if you already done have one)

3. Compliment your learning material by giving you practical information on how people really communicate in Korean or English.

4. Have you accountable for your homework, and review.

5. Help you learn the process of how to learn any language.

6. Help you find potential native language partners to help you practice communicating with them outside our classes.

7.Help you overcome your psychological block in language learning.


What I ask of you:

1. Make a decision to be fluent

2. Be pro-active in your learning; don’t expect the learning done onto you

3. Review your material

4. Apply what you’ve learn in lessons as soon as possible into practice.

5. Connect with other students learning Korean & native Korean speakers.

*If you enjoyed our lesson or if it was helpful, please leave a feedback afterwards.

It will help me bring more quality lessons to you and other students.

Admin Stuff:

*Please note that if a student is absent for a lesson, there will be no refund.

*Should you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please contact me at least 12 hours in advance.

*Please ensure that you have a good internet connection and audio/visual setup.

A Little Bit About Me:

- My name is Han. I'm 35.

- I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until I came to Canada when I was 17.

- I’ve been teaching English and Korean for the past 5 years (with 3 years @ Verbling).

- Learning languages has been one of my lifelong pursuits.

- I have spent thousands of hours learning different languages:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, some Italian and some Russian.

- I’m fully bilingual in English and Korean (I teach both languages)

- Semi-fluent in French, conversational in Spanish

and have some understanding and knowledge of Portuguese.

- Aside from teaching languages, I'm working as a full-time trader and I enjoy playing the piano.

- Check out my Youtube channel with more videos to come soon:

Thank you. See you in class!



여러분은 언어를 공부하면서 가장 힘든 것이 무엇인가요?

모든 사람들은 다 모국어를 습득하고 모국어를 유창하게 사용하지만,

왜, 외국어 공부는 그렇게 힘들까요?

여러분들의 언어공부 방식에 연습과 체계화가 되있나요?

그리고 언어공부의 목적과 앞으로의 계획은 어떻게 짜여있나요?

혹시, 언어공부를 몇 번 포기 한 적도 있나요?

저는 모든 일에는 계획, 전략 그리고 연습의 방법 이 중요하다고 생각합니다.

이를 바탕으로 언어를 배우는 것은 시간과 노력으로 점점 미스테리 한 것 부분들이 없어집니다.

주위에, 영어나 외국어를 잘 하는 사람들 한 두 명 씩 있잖아요.

심지어 어떤 사람들은 외국 나가서 영어를 배운 것도 아닌데...

반면에 외국 생활 많이 했는데도, 영어 잘 못하시는 분 들도 보신 적있죠?

많은 분들께서는 외국어의 습득을 실패하면 대부분 자기자신의 지능, 노력을 원망하는데요,

노력은 정말 중요한 것이지만, 효과가 별로 없는 노력을 오래하면 어떻게 될까요?

이 것은 지능과 노력보다는, 크게 말해서 이 세가지라고 생각합니다.


1.목표화 계획의 부족: 목적과 배움의 형태가 없으면, 이 것이 효과가 있을까요?

2."언어 습득" 이라는 과정에 대한 이해부족 (즉, 언어에 관계없이, "언어를 배우는 방식"은 어떻게 되는 것일 까요? ),

3.연습과정: 여러분들은 언어구사의 능력을 위한 자신 나름대로의 연습과정이있나요?


또, 수업이 끝나고 여러분들은 자신 나름대로의 연습을 합니다. 하지만 어떻게, 어떤 부분을 연습해야 꾸준한 발전이 있는 것일 까요?

사람들마다 조금 씩 차이는 있지만, 연습에 관한 계획과 전략을 도움 드리습니다.


만나서 반갑습니다.

제 이름은 한입니다.

저는 한국 서울 출생이고, 제가 18살 때 캐나다로 가족을 따라서 이민 왔습니다.

저는 지난 5년 동안 한국어와 영어를 여러나라에서 온 학생분들께 지도해 드렸고요, 개인적으로 수많은 시간을 투자해서 영어, 불어, 스페인어, 포르투갈어를 공부했습니다.

저는 IT 쪽으로 오랬동안 일했고, 그리고 경제 금융 쪽으로 지난 몇년 동안 나름대로 공부해왔습니다.

학생분들께 제가 해드릴 것:

1. 레벨에 따라 영어발전의 필요한 확실한 과제, 도구.

2. 영어를 배우는데 필요한 연습과 공부를 과정의 디자인.

3. 실시간 실용적인 영어회화, 단어의 연습

4. 과제, 수업 후의 개인 적인 연습 방법 지도

5. 언어에 관계없이 언어를 배우는 방법을 지도

6. 언어를 배우는데 같이 연습하는 사람들을 찾는 것 도움

학생분들에게 요구하는 것:

1.자신에 나름대로의 영어에 관한 목표

2.참가적인 학습태도

3. 개인 수업후의 복습과 실용적인 연습

4. 영어 원어민, 같이 영어 공부 할 사람들 찾기

(참고) 몇 가지 관리사항:

1.수업에 참가하시지 않으면 환불이 없습니다.

2.수업시간의 변경을 원하시면 수업 12시간 전까지 연락을 부탁합니다.

3.수업에 필요한 비디오, 오디오를 준비 해주세요.

4.수업이 도움됬거나 수업이 좋았다면, 꼭 피드백을 부탁드립니다. 계속 좋은 레슨을 드리도록 할께요.

수업에서 뵈요!


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