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Hello! My name is Ashlee and I look forward to meeting you!

Do you want to gain confidence in your English speaking abilities? I can help! Together we can work on vocabulary and pronunciation through conversational practice. This can be a great way to learn how to clearly communicate and express yourself in English. You learn more when you enjoy the learning process, so discussing topics that are of interest to you can be very beneficial.

Are you currently studying English Literature? I'd be glad to assist you! Together we can explore common plots, themes, character development and various types of symbolism found in many English literary works.

Do you have English language homework you are struggling with? I'd be happy to help. Together we can review what you're learning and evaluate what you find most challenging.

Do you have a job interview coming up? I would be glad to help you practice and prepare for the big day! Together we can discuss how to best answer some of the most common job interview questions and how to conduct yourself professionally and confidently. We can also have mock interviews where I will act as an interviewer assessing you for a position in a company. Interviews can be challenging, even when you are interviewed in your native language, but you can learn to have confidence during the process.

Do you enjoy discussing current events, news and popular issues related to our present time? We can definitely have an in-depth discussion of these complex and oftentimes controversial issues. It is a great achievement to be able to discuss these types of topics and to do so with clarity and confidence. During such conversations, we can review and practice vocabulary and share perspectives and ideas.

As an English Language Tutor I would be more than happy to help you with any of the above situations and areas of study, as well as with more specific language skills, such as vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

The following is a bit more about me.

I am a certified TEFL/TESOL English language tutor. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. I am from Ontario, Canada and was blessed to grow up in the country. We had many animals on our farm, including horses, cattle, chickens, ducks, geese and even peafowl! I learned a lot about hard work from taking care of so many animals over the years. Currently I have one ring-neck dove, named Sable (you can see her in my introduction video).

Besides my TEFL/TESOL certificate and Social Sciences B.A., I also have previous (volunteer) experience assisting international college students with their English language studies and assignments. I also have experience with editing essays and other written work.

My teaching/tutoring style is informal and relaxed and will be based on your current knowledge of English. I always strive to be patient and understanding, and I will work with you at the pace you need.

During our first session, my goal is for us to get to know each other and you can let me know what specific areas of English language learning you would like to work on together. If you simply want to practice conversational English, that's fine too! Just let me know what you need assistance with and I'll do my best to help. If I don't know the answer to a question you have, I'll do my research and find out for you! Together we can find lessons and/or exercises that work best for you.

I am also working on building a lesson library and collecting various resources which will include speaking, reading, listening and vocabulary exercises. I know that a main goal of language learners is to have the opportunity to speak and become more fluent in this regard. I prefer to focus on an integrated approach and not to teach grammar in isolation.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and feel free to book a session! I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your English language journey!


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2005 - 2008
B.A. Social Science
Providence College - Manitoba, Canada
Minor in Psychology & Sociology


Online ESL Tutor
Preply - MA, United States
I tutor ESL learners from around the world, helping them with conversational skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc.
2018 - 0
Online ESL Tutor
PalFish - Beijing, China
Tutor Chinese ESL students online & assist with conversational skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, academic assignments, test & interview preparation


2018 - 2019
LearnTEFL - Ontario, Canada
150 Hour TEFL/TESOL course
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