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I am native bilingual Italian / Friulian, studied humanities and used to give Latin private lessons. In college I chose management engineering. I lived in several countries and had to learn myself several foreign languages. Even if for many years my primary job was not teaching languages or translating, I was required to put together my experience as a student and as a language learner to teach German to colleagues and bosses as well as Italian to Germans. I had to develop simultaneous translator's skills as well as technical documents' and texts translation abilities from German and English into Italian. My daughter's birth made me interested in pedagogy and I chose to work more at home and for her, so I got my Montessori diploma, which opened a new vision in the way of teaching and learning. I am appreciated as a language teacher and as a translator, I think because I like them both. In the mean time I am focused on what the student wants and needs to learn, that's the reason why offer a personalised teaching. It's important to me to understand the type of learner requires my service, in order to adjust and personalise the lesson to maximise the result. Given my eclectic background I can focus on several areas of learning. Grammar for beginners and advanced, general vocabulary, technical, business, cooking, travel, art and scientific vocabulary, etymology, regional expressions, conversation are among the areas where I can easily teach. I don't have an accent of a specific region, maybe because I am used to talk several languages I lost it, so from me one hears a correct and balanced Italian. I love Italian poetry and literature, just in case someone wants lessons on masterpieces of Italian literature, which I have studied for many years and keep on reading. Latin is the root of many words in several western languages, not just the Neolatin ones, and most of the terms in medicine and scientific literature come from Latin or Ancient Greek. Knowing the etymology of a word makes it easier to memorise it and in certain studies, like medicine, memorisations of scientific terms is a big part of the work. I can help wit that as well. Italian is such a beautiful language that even if one does not need it for a career advance it's a pleasure to know it, at least a bit of it, eventually to learn a song, enjoy more the travels in Italy, understand an opera or communicate better with Italian friends! Plus Italy is a great place for a work or study experience or to retire, in this case I'd be happy to help become fluent. It would be my pleasure to guide passionate students in understanding and learning Italian!


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2013 - 2014
Montessori teacher
Opera Nazionale Montessori - Roma, Italy
Diploma in Montessori pedagogy teaching.
1991 - 1999
Management engineering
University of Udine - Udine, Italy
Focus on basics of engineering theory, mechanic plants and industrial management.
1986 - 1991
Maturita' classica (humanist diploma)
Liceo classico J. Stellini - Udine, Italy
Focus in Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature, History, Philosophy and History of Art


2017 - 2017
Free lance - Online
Translation of real estate ads (English - Italian), websites (English - Italian) and various texts.
2017 - 2017
Black novel fair of Valencia - Valencia, Spain
Press conference simultaneous translation (Spanish - English) for writers and journalist
2015 - 2015
Montessori teacher
Diakonie de La Tour bilingual (German - English) Montessori school - Klagenfurt, Austria
Montessori practice and teaching
2013 - 2014
Technical language lesson (German)
Feruglio Engineering - Italy
German lessons focused on learning technical vocabulary, quality formats and documents for the mechanic industry.
2012 - 2014
Key account manager German speaking markets and Scandinavia
Feruglio Engineering - Udine, Italy
Focus on gaining new clients in the German speaking and Scandinavian markets. Translation of contracts and technical sheets and drawings from German into Italian and from English into Italian.
2013 - 2014
Quality leader
Feruglio Engineering - Udine, Italy
Ad interim quality leader to reform the company's quality system. Translation of quality formats from Germany and English into Italian. Training of employees in technical German and English vocabulary used in the mechanic industry.
2004 - 2009
Sales manager
Focus Tours - Santa Fe, NM
Marketing campaign organiser and sales manager of high end tour operator specialised in custom designed nature and wildlife travels. Translation of itineraries in Italian and Spanish. Communication with German clients.
2007 - 2009
General manager
Focus Tours - Santa Fe, NM
Coordinator of all tour operator's functions: purchasing, logistics, employees supervision, payments, itinerary design, customer care, customer communication, marketing and promotions.
2004 - 2004
Private language lesson
Free lance - Italy
Italian lessons, including grammar, vocabulary, language tips, to German colleagues.
2002 - 2004
Key account manager
Plastal - Oderzo (TV), Italy
Focus on expanding the market in a corporation specialised in production of plastic parts for the automotive industry. Translation of contracts. Translator in business meetings with German and Italian participants.
1999 - 2002
Quality engineer
Plastal - Oderzo (TV), Italy
Focus on quality assurance and quality management at project and production level for a German client in a corporation specialised in production of plastic parts for the automotive industry. Translator in business meetings with German and Italian participants.
1997 - 2001
Latin lessons
Free lance - Italy
Latin private lessons for students, focusing on improving their Latin weakness points.