Where are you travelling and why?

il y a un mois
Where are you travelling? Why?

I come from a travelling family. My family were immigrants, my parents and several generations before them, touching down in the new world, in North America, in South America, and returning. It's in my blood. I guess they were just dissatisfied with where they were. Never happy, always moving somewhere else. I've always travelled for family and because of family.

So tell me about why you travel, or where you want to go.

Many people travel to immigrate, to start a new life. People travel for adventure. People travel to do business. People travel because they want something that they don't have where they are.

Tell me where you are going and what your reasons are.

(Note: If I am travelling around, or travelling in a place or area I might not have a destination, as opposed to travelling to a place, the destination is stated after to.)