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ТЫ or ВЫ? How to Say HELLO! 👋 BYE! SORRY! 🥂CHEERS! in Russian 🤔 What's 'Давай'?

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What does it mean, talking to someone in a FORMAL or INFORMAL way in Russian?

👆 When you're talking to someone in a formal way, you’re saying Вы to them, which basically means some kind of distance between you and them. You’re showing that you’re not trying to get too close too soon.
And when you're being friendly and informal, you'll say ты. With that, you’re kind of attempting to shorten the distance between you and a person.

In this video, we'll discuss common formal and informal situations, and you'll learn how to say in Russian:
✓ Hello!
✓ Bye!
✓ Excuse me!
✓ Bless you! (when someone sneezes)
✓ Cheers! 🥂 (Spoiler: it doesn't sound as "nazdrov'ye")
✓ How to switch from 'Вы' to saying 'ты', from more formal and polite, to a friendlier way of speaking.
✓ You'll also learn what Давай! means (I've got four meanings for you!)