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An Error Occurred

vor einem Jahr
I have been trying for several days to leave a Community comment but get the message "an error occurred" Verbling will not accept my comments if I mention other platforms by name for comparison...
I want to comment on the low quality of video during Verbling lessons. The video quality is fuzzy. I don't have that problem with other platforms just with verbling.

… I assume the fuzziness is because Verbling tries to save bandwidth. When I look at my teacher's face during a paid lesson to learn proper pronunciation I want the image to be clear and not limited to a tiny window at the bottom of the screen. Last week I provided honest feedback by rating the video "2" (5 being the highest rating). However, when I do that I am not allowed to leave a review of my excellent Verbling teacher. It is annoying that in order to provide feedback on my excellent teacher I must inflate Verbling’s video rating higher than it deserves...

Verbling does not allow anyone to give teacher feedback if the video quality or audio quality is rated below 3 using the explanation that the teacher review shouldn't suffer from the poor quality of the Verbling platform. However, there is nothing wrong with my teacher's performance.

I request that Verbling not purposely decrease the quality of my teacher's webcam when I have lessons through the platform... Please correct this! Perhaps you could give students and teachers choices for the video quality (bandwidth) selected for each lesson. BTW I have two excellent teachers on Verbling to learn Indonesian.