IELTS Speaking : From Topic to Band 7

•Describe a time when you were bored
•You should say
•When it was
•Who you were with
•What you did
•And explain why you were bored

Now how should we approach this topic?
Start by thinking of a real situation when you were "bored out of your mind"?
Were you stuck with people who were not "your cup of tea"?
Were you forced to do some boring job/project?
Were you waiting for a flight that was delayed and you had nothing to read?
Perhaps it was during a lecture/course and the instructor was "as dull as a doornail"?

So I'd like to tell you about a time when I was bored out of my mind and it was actually quite recently, about a fortnight ago, when I attended a lecture about ... I attended with my best friend and to be honest, it was actually her idea to go since I don't really have any interest in ... Well, we filled out some questionnaires and chatted to a few people but they were not really my cup of tea. Not only was the subject dull, but the speaker did not connect with the audience and I found myself yawning a few times. To be frank, he lacked energy, his delivery wasn't engaging and the audience didn't really participate. So those are some of the reasons why I had a dull evening.

Now this is a basic answer with some idioms- but in my classes, I teach candidates to improve on this by adding DISCOURSE, FILLERS and other interesting stricks!
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