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federica Englisch
21. Juli 2017
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In Italian language, we use phrases or words to mean a meaningless or unrealistic concept, often different from what it seems to be. We call them “modi di dire”.
Let me show you some common idioms with the verb to go = andare!

  • Andare a fagiolo: to suit perfectly with someone or something, to satisfy completely
  • Andare a braccetto: to get along with someone
  • Andare a fiuto: to follow your own intuition
  • Andare a genio: to like something a lot
  • Andare a gonfie vele: to move forward in a good way, to succeed
  • Andare a letto con le galline: to go to sleep early
  • Andare a monte: to don't reach the goal
  • Andare a ruba: about a product that it's so much required, that it's difficult to find it
  • Andare a zonzo: to walk without a destination, just to spend some time
  • Andare su tutte le furie: to get angry, to lose one's temper

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